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Where we work with you and with your horse 

Mounted Lessons GBEC 2018

Next Dates for EquiPosture Mounted Lessons at Great Bookham Equestrian Centre. All dates are Saturday mornings:

  • October 20th
  • ​November 3rd
  • More dates coming soon - contact us for latest info

Contact us to book a 45 minute slot for you and your horse

Putting it all together


Video Coaching

We now video your sessions giving you a before and after comparison. We then add a commentary for you and help you to see what we achieved in your lesson and where we might go next. You can see some examples on our YouTube channel. Watch our latest video below and then click the link for more videos.

Mounted Lessons

The fun really begins when you are reunited with your horse. Already the two of you will be experiencing a new and improved state of being. When we then put the two of you together and encourage you both to release the old and allow the new ... 

For what can happen next read about the experiences of some of our clients here

Alison works with your horse initially, usually from the saddle, to make sure he or she is as relaxed as possible, accepting a quiet elastic rein contact and soft leg aids. and working softly over and through the neck and back.  This also provides Alison with valuable feedback about the horse’s own symmetry and level of comfort, and helps us identify any tight places the horse may have and what is and isn't working fluently.

Meanwhile Sue works with you dismounted. She gives you some initial Alexander instruction and explanation. She also gives you the experience of hands-on work to help to release and realign your body.

Where the magic really happens!