Our Premium Service

You can take lessons with either Sue or Alison individually, with or without your horse. More  However working with Alison and Sue together is the best way to improve your riding, your horse and your general well-being. 

Your sessions will be angled towards your particular requirements and experience, your situation and circumstances, and what you want out of the process. You could choose a course of EquiPosture sessions on the Simulator Horse at Wimbledon Village Stables, and/or take sessions with Sue and Alison on your own horse in an arena.

The Simulator
During a session on the simulator, Sue and Alison can alternate their expertise – Sue working primarily on your posture, release and balance in the saddle, and Alison working on the application of this new-found freedom and balance to riding the simulator effectively.

Mounted Lessons

During horse-and-rider sessions in an arena, Sue will give you some hands-on Alexander Technique work while you are unmounted. Meanwhile Alison will work directly on your horse, releasing tensions and working primarily on suppleness. Then the two are reunited for a ridden session incorporating more Alexander Technique, applied to both you and your horse. Both Sue and Alison then continue to contribute to coaching your partnership in all paces and in transitions. The result is a combination of release and improved muscle tone, combined with a new-found poise and elegance for both you and your horse.

Group Workshops

From time to time we offer workshops:

  • Horse Simulator Workshops
    These workshops take place at Wimbledon Village Stables. You have an opportunity to work with Sue and Alison together using a new state-of-the-art horse simulator. Why not open your mind to the wonderful possibilities of working in this way? Join our next workshop

  • Mounted Workshops
    Occasionally we offer mounted workshops and these can take place at any suitable arena. Contact us to find out if we have anything planned. If you have a minimum of 4 riders who are interested in taking part in a workshop at your yard then contact us and we will see what we can do.

Unmounted Alexander Technique Lessons
We can now offer one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons with Sue at Wimbledon Village Stables. Sue will use a teaching table to teach you how to work on yourself while lying down - this is something that you can introduce to your daily routine. She will also work with you using a saddle horse. After taking a few lessons like this you will benefit so much more once you then transfer your new skills to the simulator or your own horse.

These lessons are suitable for everyone regardless of age or experience (Sue specialises in working with children) and non-riders are also welcome.
Speak to Sue for more information.

By email: equiposture@gmail.com
​By telephone: 07 5050 108 91


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