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​​​EquiPosture Introduction Workshop with the Horse Simulator 

Alison Craig and Sue Merry introduce you to EquiPosture on the horse simulator. This is your chance to learn about EquiPosture and to meet Sue and Alison. You will also have an opportunity to ride the horse simulator while Sue and Alison work with you. More about this and future workshops
Date: Saturday 3rd November 2018
Time: 15.30 hrs - 17.00 hrs
Location: Wimbledon Village Stables 
Cost: £25 
Limited to 6 participants.

​Tel: 07 5050 108 91

We have been working together with riders for over twenty years. This is the first time that we have had the chance to work with such an amazing piece of equipment.  We are both very excited as we can now work with you in motion in a way that is not possible with a real horse.

The sensors on the simulator indicate where your weight is focused on the saddle, the reins and also on the horse's flanks. You get an instant on-screen representation of what you are doing and how that changes as you make subtle adjustments to your body.

Horse Simulator

Individual Lessons

You can book a 30 minute individual lesson on the simulator. You can work either with Alison, focusing on EquiPosture Riding Technique or with Sue, focusing on EquiPosture Alexander Technique. You can also work with both of us together. This is a great option as it is generally observed that working together we are somehow more than the sum of our parts!


Video Coaching

We now video your sessions giving you a before and after comparison. We then add a commentary for you and help you to see what we achieved in your lesson and where we might go next.

See the videos below which were created from 30 minute EquiPosture sessions on the horse simulator.

Release your horse from your bad habits!