Release your horse from your bad habits!

  "Hi Alison, thanks very much for a great session with you and Sue yesterday.  

 EquiPosture = EquiStillness, both mind and body, both horse and rider.  

 Thanks again, all best, Cathy"

Sue Merry is an Alexander Teacher and Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). She has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1993 and doing specialised work with riders and horses in collaboration with Alison since 1994.  

Sue has a talent for making the Alexander Technique as simple as possible without losing any of its immense value as a tool for life-transformation. She has spent many years exploring different, creative ways to adapt the Alexander Technique for riders and to blend this work with Alison's riding instruction to provide a really unique learning environment for you and your horse.

Using Sue's creative teaching methods most pupils find themselves making immediate progress. Sue has discovered that great progress can be made working with you and your horse even if you have absolutely no previous experience of the Alexander Technique.See this video for example

Working with the simulator at Wimbledon Village Stables is the first time that she has been able to offer you ‘hands on’ work whilst you are in motion.

You can also take unmounted Alexander Lessons with Sue at Wimbledon Village Stables. Mounted lessons - with your own horse - can be taken locally. Lessons are also available to non-riders or absolute beginners. 

​ BHSI (Reg’d) UKCC3 (Dressage)


Alison Craig is an experienced all-round BHSI, dressage trainer and coach, dressage judge, BYRDS Rider Test Assessor, and BRC Riding Test judge.

Alison has a deep knowledge and understanding of how to help riders find a more comfortable, balanced and effective way of riding. She has over 20 years’ direct experience of collaborating with Sue and seeing the difference that the Alexander Technique makes to riders and their horses.
Alison has many pupils at various locations throughout Surrey and beyond! She is delighted to have an opportunity to work with the simulator at Wimbledon Village Stables. She sees it as a route to improving riders’ straightness, balance and coordination, without stressing real horses.

Sue Merry

Tel:  (+44) 07 5050 108 91

Alison Craig