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Alison focuses on your specific riding issues. Sue focuses on how you use your whole-self while addressing these issues.

“People ought to quit worrying so much about whispering to their horses and just start listening to them” Greg Darnall

Now that you are working on yourself your horse is able to flourish too. He can begin to release any unhelpful habits and patterns of muscle tension. He may have his own issues but whatever is happening to you will be affecting him too.

We treat you and your horse as a partnership and strive to help both of you to be the best that you can possibly be. Which means to be as still as possible in activity.

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Ride into stillness and become
​at one with your horse

Stillness in Activity

EquiPosture is a different way of thinking about your riding. It teaches you how to release yourself from unnecessary tensions and habits. You learn how to remove the blocks that prevent you and your horse from really making the progress that you know is possible.

​EquiPosture focuses on helping you to become more poised, released and centred, with the ease and balance of a natural rider.

This state of stillness in activity is achieved when you remove all the blocks that are preventing it - then change can spontaneously happen all by itself. 

Thinking in Activity

The Alexander Technique is at the core of EquiPosture teaching. It is possible to learn how to take constructive, conscious control of yourself. You can create clear pathways between the helpful thoughts that you send to your body and the areas that you want to respond to these instructions. You are choosing to rewire your brain!

Sue brings Alexander Technique hands-on work to the context of riding a horse. You will be guided into the correct position and gently encouraged by Sue’s hands to release all unnecessary tensions, as well as finding yourself naturally gravitating into your own correct alignment and balance in the saddle. At the same time you will be learning how to work on yourself so that you can eventually find this new, improved way of being without any hands-on work at all. 

You will be offered some Alexander lying-down work during horse simulator sessions, so that you can be helped to release unnecessary muscle tension and learn an easy and effective way to work on yourself at home.
Riding into Stillness
Alison Craig has been using the principles of the Alexander Technique in her own life for over twenty years. She has seen her riding transform during this time. She has personal experience of applying Alexander work to every aspect of horsemanship. 

If you are going to learn how to apply Alexander Technique to your riding we believe that it is essential that you are working with a riding instructor who perfectly understands what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve and knows how to teach you accordingly. Alison teaches light-contact riding and this is 100% compatible with Alexander work.

When Sue’s Alexander Technique expertise is combined with Alison’s deep knowledge and experience of teaching riders and horses at all levels, riders find that this new body awareness can be applied straight away to their horse and their riding, with apparently minimal effort. 

Many riders have felt their riding improve hugely after just a few sessions with Sue and with Alison. Horses benefit too, either simply from the fact that their rider becomes more poised, released and centred after simulator sessions, or from horse and rider sessions with Sue and Alison together in an arena.



Release your horse from your bad habits!